Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cu Chi, Saigon - Along The Road

Pictures taken on the way back from Cu Chi to Saigon 11/07/2009.I sat in the front seat of our bus to captured these momorable pictures.I put a few grain in the black and white monochrome mode and full negative vignette to make these pictures remain classic.

Pictures by : Kamp
Edited by : Kamp
Edited with : CS2
Location : Cu Chi, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Touch up :
i - Image>Adjustment>Channel Mixer>Monochrome
ii - Filter>distort>Lense Correction>Vignette>Amount (-100)
iii - Filter>Noise>Add Noise>Amount (<10%,monochromatic,uniform)

All pictures above are dedicated to the Pulitzer Prize-winning picture below taken from Nick Ut, photographer for the Associated Press (AP).Taken during the Vietnam War on June 8th 1972 in Trang Bang Vietnam.
In this pictures, children and soldiers running down a road near Trang Bang, Vietnam, after a napalm bomb was dropped on the village of Trang Bang by a plane of the Vietnam Air Force.

Information got from,

Book : The Girl In The Picture, Written by Denise Chong

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