Friday, July 10, 2009


At home before depart.Last check.First time I be a millionaire.1,000,000 Dong is oly RM215. We move to LCCT (thanks to our not so beloved housemate, Apis).

Always at the low cost and their girls still can be accepted.Our ticket go and return only RM250 or maybe less than that(I forgot where I put the ticket).We depart maybe(time were not recorded and my memories had lost for that) at 6.45PM malaysian time.

Arrived after about an hour trip.Heavy rain but our pilot landed well.Thanks to God I'm still alive.Actually 2 hours trip but we save one hour because their local time early than us with that perimeter.They welcomed us.(oh, it just a welcomed poster).We took a cab to our reserved backpackers room.First impression for Vietnam-They Drove car in wrong road direction.Oh, no no, their road direction is same as at U.S.

Our Sleeping place for the next 3 nites.We did it!!(found the hostel).About 30 minutes from Airport.USD9 for the cab including USD1 for his tip.The place located at the back of a block of shophouses(Imagine that you're at the backside of the Lorong Haji Taib shophoses).Mymy Art House for it's name behind shophouses at the Pa Ngu Lau road, District 1, Saigon.We not expected that they treat us as 5 star hotel.

Still very o.k for backpackers.1 room for 2 persons with master bed, frige, aircon, TV, and toilet at only USD16/RM57.6/30000Dong.When divided by 2, I only had to pay RM86.40 for 4 days & 3 nites.Oh breakfast!!!.We check in and went out to look something to put inside our musician stomach.

Our 1st nite at Saigon.No kedai mamak,kedai tomyam,mcd and 7e found.Only bar and pub around that area.We didn't have choice/we choose SAIGON club to take our dinner.They got special varieties of vietnam breeds with special sexy waitress.In the picture, a lady want to sell many titles of books.I'm very exited and bought one because it's cheap with just 8000Dong/RM16.60.

But just after the lady gone, I found that the book that I had just bought is FAKE.Only photostat version with colour photostat cover.Rule number one-Don't trust anybody....

Their Petaling street.We tried to walk around the city and luckily found a night market.Not to bad.Very rare.And I still afraid to shoot pictures here because I didn't know yet how local situation and crime rates here.Not so bad.To reward them, I bought a star cap(communise?) and wore it as a Viet-Kong.

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