Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Peaks of Mount Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia (HDR)

Puncak puncak di Gunung Kinabalu
Location : Kinabalu Mountain, Kinabalu Park, Sabah, Malaysia.
Date       : 24/04/2010

This is my self version of Kinabalu's peaks.Taken during my journey with my friends to the Highest Mountain in Malaysia.For me that was a truely fascinating experiences and the most beautiful view i ever seen in my life.Now I know why this mountain awarded as WORLD HERITAGE status by UNESCO.All picture are converted to HDR by auto HDR sorfware (Dynamic-Photo HDR) and touced up back by Photoshop. (I don't have time to make manual HDR).

Map for every peaks in Kinabalu Mountain

Peaks of Kinabalu, terrain view.

The Tunku Abdul Rahman Peak
The 1st peak that u can see at the Right side after crossing Sayat-Sayat gate.

The Ugly Sister(4032 m) and the Donkey Ears Peak (4054 m)
Both of these 2 peaks are the most unique peaks among Kinabalu's peaks. The Donkey Ears peak named by it shape like 2 donkey's ears from certain angle.

South Peak (3921.5 m)
The South Peak is the glamourous peak in Kinabalu. The image of this peak can be found in the Malaysian Ringgit 1$ note.

The weird stone decoration.can be found beside the South Peak.

St. John Peak (4091 m)
This peak also unique because we can see an orang utan's face mounted beside it.

Low's peak, the highest in Malaysia..
Low Peak (4092.5 m)
This peak are the highest peak in Malaysia.

Victoria Peak (4091 m)
Some people said this peak is the highest point because it's horn.

King Edward peak (4086 m) & Low Gully(about 1000m down)

 Alexandria Peak(lusft), Oyayubi Iwu Peak (in front of it) and Dewali Pinnacles in the Background (right).
Shot taken from the Low Peak. The small white dot below the Oyayubi Iwu is the Gurkha's Hut.

My post viewing the South Peak from the foot of the Low Peak.

Regards, -Kamp Izz Becker-


Small Hiker said...

Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing....

Kamp said...

TQ also for visiting :)

misS myA said...

Saya paling suka post ini :)

iMaN NuR DiNa said...

awesome views of Kinabalu's peak!tobat lahum lawa weyy

Anonymous said...

Luv it . . . awesome pic

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