Tuesday, November 24, 2009


All Pictures were taken at 21/11/09 between 1.00a.m to 4.00a.m around Malacca Town.We got free bicycles usage from our rented backpaker.That was a chance after almost 10 years no cycling.

Udi and Shah.

Very high bridge.

Malacca Museum.

We were lost.

Why only us with bicycles? Ops... 3.00a.m already.

Fort of Malacca. Some people said this place is haunted.

New monument of Malacca. Maybe the 1st people who ever placed bicycle beside the canon.

We were young and we were bored

We thought we were cool.

Naughty kids with thier bycycles.

Loving couple....No, that's joke..

The Freemason Hall of malacca. But where is the gate?

The mini Eye on Malacca number.

Tutankhamun's bread.

Ciggarate for rich people.

We hate light. Light made us star.

Thanks to Razif, Keanu, Udi, Shah and Keanu's member for being my models in this shoots.

-Kamp Izz Becker-


Anonymous said...

gambar dah tip + top.. Cantik old school.. Teruskan usaha mencari identiti sendiri dengan lensa sendiri mata sendiri jiwa sendiri.. Aku dah ada anak ni susah nak kuar malam2..

Norazlinda A.Razak said...

alamakkk..superbb la gamba...adoiii..nak kena blaja nih..huhehee

Kamp said...

Thank Anonymous and Linda.Gambar cam ni x perlu belajar pun..Just snap waktu malam je..

Norazlinda A.Razak said...

iyer ke? nak kena ade cara tembaknya kan?..and editing yg bagus...but i hate edit x nmpak natural.. ;)but i like fisheye..yum..yum..

Kamp said...

editing pun salah satu art dlm fotografi.Editing boleh buat gambar tu nampak lagi natural sebenarnya.Selagi x super impose gambar tu, gambar still original.Kepala org x bertukar :p

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